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Cement Coating Service in Scranton, and the Surrounding Areas

At HippoSeal, we provide concrete coating services for parking lots, driveways, and roadways. Our expertise lies in smoothly overlaying concrete after repairing the cracks and leveling up the surface. The resultant overlaid concrete not only brings a renewed look but also remains an effective surface that can be used for a longer time at a much lower cost rather than full relaying.


Concrete is one of the main materials used for roadways and driveways due to its durability, strength, and longevity. Weathering, chemical exposure, heavy traffic, poor construction, and biological growth are some of the factors that affect concrete. With our reliable Scranton Concrete Floor Coatings, we ensure a perfect finish, correcting all deformities.


For a free inspection of Scranton’s concrete coating, contact us at (570) 499-8963.

Concrete Cement Coating Services Scranton

At HippoSeal, we are licensed and reputed for our concrete cement coating services in Scranton. We offer services for both residential and commercial driveways and roadways. We offer fast services and also ensure safety. We have specialized tools and equipment to provide the best results.

We use bonding agents to ensure perfect bonding of the overlaid concrete on the prepared surface to ensure perfect results. After overlaying, we ensure the finish is perfect by smoothing and leveling the final surface. We also ensure that it cures perfectly. All our team members are professional, and they clean the site after overlaying. We ensure that our concrete floor coating costs in Scranton are highly affordable.

If you are looking for a Scranton Concrete Company, choose HippoSeal for the ideal solution.

Perks of Hiring Hippo Seal for Residential and Commercial Paving Solutions Dalton, PA!

At HippoSeal, we offer the ideal results for both residential and commercial requirements. Our services for Residential and Commercial stand out as follows:

Residential asphalt seal coating company - Hipposeal


At HippoSeal, we are one of the most reliable concrete contractors near Scranton. We offer concrete overlay, such that doesn’t significantly affect the height of the surfaces, ensuring perfect thickness. We take on projects at times convenient for the property owners and ensure that the overlaid concrete has a long lifetime. The results are not only helpful for improving safety but also for enhancing aesthetics.

Commercial asphalt seal coating company - Hipposeal


As trusted concrete driveway contractors in Scranton, we help improve surfaces so they look renewed, covering all areas efficiently. We utilize the best practices in the industry for ideal results and ensure that the new surface increases curb appeal and comfortability for walking and driving. We also ensure proper drainage for the perfect functioning of the renewed surfaces.


Frequently Asked Question

Q.What are the two most commonly used types of coatings for concrete floors?

Concrete can be overlaid on problematic concrete surfaces, or epoxy and polyurethane can be used for coating.


Q. How long do concrete floor coatings last?

The lifespan of a coating depends on the type of coating, its quality, the amount of traffic on the surface, and other factors. Typically, epoxy coatings last from 5 to 10 years.