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Asphalt Driveway Repair and Maintenance in Scranton

If your residential asphalt driveway shows signs of cracks, rough surfaces, potholes, or crumbling, it requires immediate repair. Ignoring these issues can lead to more significant problems over time. For your residential asphalt driveway repairs in Scranton, HippoSeal offers high-quality, affordable solutions for asphalt driveway repair in Scranton. Investing in asphalt driveway maintenance in Scranton extends the driveway’s life and enjoys a smooth surface beneath. So, wait no more! 

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HippoSeal: Asphalt Driveway Services We Provide

HippoSeal is one of the most trusted driveway repair services in Scranton, known for providing top-notch quality services at affordable prices within a radius of 100 miles from Scranton. Specializing in new driveway paving Scranton, our team comprises licensed asphalt paving contractors who bring years of experience and expertise to every project. Looking for the best driveway repair near me? Then HippoSeal is your destination as we care for your safety! We offer the finest services that include:


  • Fixing Driveway Cracks

Cracks, if left untreated can worsen the problem even more leading to larger ones. This could be due to harsh weather conditions or heavy loads. Our expert team fixes the driveway cracks with high-quality material and advanced techniques, ensuring the longevity of the driveway. 


  • Repairing a Crumbling Driveway

Crumbling driveways could be due to water pooling due to poor drainage, the growth of tree roots beneath the driveway, or poor maintenance. This condition requires replacement otherwise posing safety hazards and our team provides exceptional services to restore the driveway’s strength. 


  • Repairing Large Holes in Your Driveway

Large holes can cause damage to your vehicles. We carefully examine the damaged area, and clean and prepare the affected region before filling it with high-grade materials, guaranteeing a smooth repair.

Whether it’s a minor or major project for residential, commercial, or industrial needs, HippoSeal always strives for customer satisfaction through its meticulous craftsmanship.

Why Choose Us for Asphalt Driveway Repair in Scranton, PA

Choosing HippoSeal as your driveway sealer in Scranton over other driveway sealcoating contractors will ensure a superior level of protection and longevity for your asphalt surfaces. Here’s how we exceed other driveway sealcoating contractors in Scranton:

1. Quality Sealant: We use high-quality sealant that ensures longevity of your driveway, by withstanding harsh weather conditions.

2. Expert Team: Our team consists of experienced professionals guaranteeing a flawless process. 

3. Attention to Detail: We pay close attention at every step in the whole repair and maintenance process to properly clean your driveway before seal coating. 

4. Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our motto, for which we go beyond our abilities to provide exceptional results.

Asphalt Driveway Maintenance in Dalton - Hipposeal

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should I seal my driveway?


It is advisable to seal your driveways every two years so that they can be maintained and problems like cracks and potholes can be prevented.


Q. How long should a driveway last before cracking?


Before cracking, the driveway should last between 15-20 years. The frequent repairs and replacement can be prevented with regular maintenance. 


Q. Why is my new asphalt driveway crumbling?


The crumbling of the new asphalt driveway could be because of several reasons which include poor installation, usage of low-quality products, or even lack of proper maintenance. 


Q. Should you fill in the cracks on a driveway?


Yes, it is advisable to fill in the cracks on a driveway to protect them from being damaged further leading to huge cracks and potholes. 


Q. How to repair a sinking asphalt / concrete driveway?


The repair of a sinking asphalt / concrete driveway includes removing the damaged area, compacting the base, adding the required asphalt/concrete, and again compacting. However, it is best to go for professional services as this work demands expertise.