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Quality Cement Coating Service in Dalton, and the Surrounding Areas

Cement coating strengthens and renews old surfaces using cement-like substances such as concrete, and concrete coating improves concrete surfaces through diverse materials, including concrete. At HippoSeal, we are cement coating and concrete driveway contractors in Dalton, specializing in renovating old cement, brick, asphalt, and concrete surfaces. Within a 100-mile radius, we are known as one of the trusted providers of Dalton’s concrete coating.

We repair driveways, pathways, and parking areas, restoring them to their former glory. With high-quality services and the latest equipment, we ensure long-lasting results. Since these areas endure heavy traffic, we ensure the coating is strong enough to withstand it. If you are seeking concrete coating or cement coating services in Dalton, contact us at 570 499 8963.

Hippo Seal: Quality Cement Coating Services Dalton, Pennsylvania

HippoSeal is recognized as one of the licensed providers of Dalton concrete floor coatings and quality cement coatings. Our process begins with thorough preparation of the surface, addressing any cracks, moisture issues, or unevenness present. After careful preparation, we proceed to coat the surface to ensure the best results. We make sure that the coating adheres properly to the old surfaces, ensuring durability and longevity. 

With our experienced team, you can trust us to deliver perfect results. We prioritize safety and ensure that the final outcome not only performs well but also looks visually appealing. In general, concrete floor coating costs in Dalton range from $1 to $8 per square foot, depending on the type of coating used. As one of the most trusted names in the industry, we proudly serve as your reliable and most affordable Dalton Concrete Company.

Why Hire us for Residential and Commercial Paving Solutions Dalton, PA!

At HippoSeal, we offer the ideal results for both residential and commercial requirements. Our services for Residential and Commercial stand out as follows:

Residential asphalt seal coating company - Hipposeal


For Residential coating, we offer a wide variety of coatings from which the customers can choose to improve the curb appeal with our coatings. Our service can also be used around pool decks apart from driveways and pathways for increased safety. With a perfect finish, we ensure a surface that is easy to maintain. If you are looking for “concrete coating companies near me” in Dalton for residential properties, feel free to contact us.





Commercial asphalt seal coating company - Hipposeal


For commercial properties, we ensure the strength of the coating withstands all kinds of wear and tear. We ensure that the surface is safe to prevent accidents. We also offer different kinds of finishes from which you can choose from as per your requirements. We ensure that the work is completed quickly at convenient timings. If you are looking for “concrete coatings near me” for commercial properties in Dalton, contact us.

For high-quality concrete coatings, look no further than Hippo Seal, the premier choice among concrete Contractors near Dalton.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are concrete coatings worth it?

Concrete coating renews the concrete surface, enhancing durability and simplifying maintenance, making it a superior alternative to complete renovation.


Q. What is the best coating for old concrete floors?

Since different types of coatings have different types of benefits, the best coating should be chosen based on factors such as the level of wear and tear, chemical exposure, aesthetics, safety, and affordability.